Hello, my name is Colin Zestcott.


I am currently Assistant Professor of Psychology and principal investigator of the Social Cognition Lab at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. I’m originally from Minneapolis, MN and received a B.A. in Psychology from Macalester College and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Arizona.   



The Social Cognition Lab at St. Scholastica examines person perception and health from a variety of angles. Our research studies the presence, consequences, and reduction of bias in the healthcare domain. Our work also applies a specific focus on the stigmatization of tattooed individuals. Additional lines of research unpack motivational factors that affect sport performance, the role of metaphor in social cognition, and the implications of sauna use on psychological well-being.


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For reprints please visit my Research Gate or Google Scholar pages.


PSY 1105: General Psychology

This course offers an overview of the major concepts, methods, and real life applications of psychology. 

PSY 3327: Social Psychology

This course examines issues such as persuasion, aggression, prejudice, prosocial behavior, attraction, and the function of personality and situational influences in our daily lives.

PSY 3330: Research Methods

This course focuses on the process of theory development, research design, ethics, and scientific communication.

Social Cognition lab

Meet the lab!

Kalley Tietje

I am currently an undergraduate student at the College of Saint Scholastica. I am a Psychology major with a peace and justice studies minor. What interests me about psychology is being able to understand human behavior and emotions more and help other work to become the best version of themselves they can be. In my free time, I am an officer of the Art Club on campus and I enjoy hanging out with my friends, being around animals, meeting new people, and trying new things.

Jackson Faris

I’m a junior psychology student at CSS. Psychology has always been of great interest to me, as I think the human mind is one of the most complex and interesting products of nature. I believe the pursuit of better understanding how our mental processes operate is a noble one, as this understanding can help individuals to live better lives. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing chess, and getting outside as often as I can. 

Liz Moyer

I have always been very intrigued by the inner workings of our brains, and why humans act and behave the way they do. Specifically, I am very interested in social psychology and the theories it applies to human behavior. Research in social psychology has widened my view of the world and the people around me and has helped me understand myself and my own behaviors as well. For fun, I love to push myself in the weight room and lift things that are heavier than myself, as well as read through research articles and publications related to psychology to continue growing my knowledge!


A little more about Colin.

I enjoy spending time with family, exploring the North Shore, Crossfit, coffee, tattoos, reading, and the Minnesota Vikings.


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